Crawley Police Station, Crawley, 2016

Roofing, Fascia and Soffit Works to an Occupied Police Station, Requiring Contractor-Designed Scaffold Solution

Contract Value: £300 000

Completion: May 2016

Budget: Delivered to budget

Time: Delivered on time

H&S: No accidents/incidents

Defects: Zero Defects


Roofing, fascia and soffit works to an occupied Police Station in Crawley, West Sussex.

Key Challenges

The site had to remain occupied at all times. We always minimise disruption on occupied premises, but with the vital services provided by this client, it was even more imperative that we ensure vehicular access, minimise impact on parking, and avoid naked flames during the roofing works over the custody suite due to safety concerns for those occupying the suite. It was also important to ensure our works did not create opportunities for crime.

The Challenges Met

We liaised with Sussex Police Authority representatives working at the station on a daily basis to get a clear picture of their busiest times so we could identify and avoid these, minimising our impact on station functions.

We ensured the use of minimally invasive construction methods along with low-percussion tools to reduce nuisance to neighbouring residents and the station's clerical teams.

To minimise our impact on station car parking, we devised a phased scaffold system. While working on one scaffold, the next would be being constructed. We would then move to the new scaffold, and the previous would be dismantled and the next built. This concurrent working enabled us to scaffold only relatively small areas at a time, and progress around the circumference of the building without occupying much car park space. We also utilised van pooling, arranged for large delivery vehicles to arrive at our warehouse so our smaller delivery vehicles could deliver items just-in-time, and liaised with Crawley Borough Council to suspend a nearby public parking bay to allow us to utilise that, rather than permanently occupying a space within the station grounds.

To address safety concerns regarding the use of naked flames above the custody suite, we used a hot air gun system as a safer alternative.

We also took measures to minimise security risks caused by the scaffolding, such as using raised first-lifts on all scaffolds to prevent climbing, and ensuring that all ladders were safely stowed.

Did You Know?

Fowlers have worked extensively on other Sussex Police Authority projects over the years.

  • Chichester Police Station - CID Relocation (£50k, Jun 2013), Night Kitchen Refurbishment (£60k, Apr 2015)
  • Barnham Witness Suite - Remedial works (£22k, Feb 2014)
  • Shoreham Police Station - Resurfacing Works (£30k, Apr 2015)

Our familiarity with
Sussex Police Authority projects means we are familiar with their Non-Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV) procedures and levels, including the Fast Track procedure, and many of our staff hold current NPPV vetting at various levels.

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