Prince Regent Leisure Refurbishment, Brighton, 2017

High Level Glazing and Related Works

Contract Value: £35 000

Completion: January 2017

Duration: 12 weeks

Budget: Delivered to budget

Time: Delivered on time

H&S: No accidents/incidents

Defects: Zero Defects


Replacing high-level glazing at a live leisure centre in hove. The glazing was located over the sports hall, creating a potentially dangerous drop which had to be de-risked.

Works took 12 weeks, throughout which the site was fully occupied.

Safely Working in an Occupied Leisure Centre

In addition to the general public, the leisure centre was open to children and those with special needs, so our procedures needed to protect these vulnerable groups.

We DBS-certified all operatives and subcontractors and employed strict segregation and housekeeping to minimise the risk of sharps, to ensure the centre could be walked bare-foot. We used clear pictorial signage so that young, old, and those with limited English could readily grasp their meaning.

Minimising Noise and Nuisance

The centre had to remain active throughout, and any nuisance would have negatively impacted their revenue. We used low-percussion tools and minimally invasive construction methods to avoid interference with other revenue centres and thus minimise the cost impact to the built environment.

Did You Know?

During 2014, Fowler Building Contractors also constructed the attractive foyer and entrance (pictured) and carried out a full refurbishment of the Dry Change areas.

Works comprised full mechanical and electrical works, including alterations to the lighting, small power, heating, fire detection and alarm, ventilation and public address systems.

We have carried out activities of varying complexities at Prince Regent Leisure, during 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. As a result, we are very familiar with the fabric and procedures of the building.

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